The CC&E Seminar Series is a high quality, diverse seminar series that serves to scientifically educate the CC&E community through inviting speakers from a variety of disciplines and career levels. The second goal of the CC&E Seminar Series is to promote interactions and collaborations between members of CC&E and between CC&E members and scientists from other institutions.

The CC&E Seminars are organized by a committee of two faculty members (one from DOCS and one from ENVS) and several CEGO members. All seminars are given on Friday mornings in the Dalton Woods Auditorium in the Energy, Coast & Environment Building, and they are open to the public.

We are looking forward to an interesting semester of seminars & hope all of you will join us in welcoming our speakers.

Seminars start at 11:30am in the CC&E Auditorium.

Seminar Chair: Kendall Valentine

Past Seminars

2017 Spring CC&E Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
January 20 Jeffrey Krause University of South Alabama “A surprising role for picocyanobacteria in the open-ocean Silicon cycle”
January 27 Curtis Deutsch University of Washington “Aerobic marine habitat in a warming climate: from microbes to macrofauna"
February 3 Cameron Thrash LSU Department of Biological Sciences “Hunting microbes in the northern Gulf of Mexico"
February 10 Reagan Errera Renewable Natural Resources, LSU “Toxic phytoplankton in a changing climate”
February 17 Antonio Busalacchi University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) “The future of forecasts: earth system prediction in the 21st century”
February 24 Mardi Gras- No seminar
March 3 Jaco Vangronsveld Hasselt University “Plants and thier associated bacteria: partners in remediation of contaminated soils and groundwaters? General considerations and examples from the field”
March 10 Midterms - No Seminar
March 17 Rebecka Brasso Southeast Missouri State Universit “Differing foraging strategies influence mercury (Hg) exposure in an Antarctic penguin community”
March 24 Eugen Gurzau Environmental Health Center (Romania) "Environmental Health Risk Assessment of Arsenic: Romanian Case Study”
March 31 Celalettin Emre Ozdemir Department of Civil Engineering,LSU “Turbulence-resolving two-phase flow simulations of wave- and current supported turbidity flows”
April 7 Troy Farmer Auburn University “Climate change effects on temperate fish populations during a warmer 21st century”
April 14 Spring Break — No seminar
April 21 Neil Ganju USGS Woods Hole “The modes of interdisciplinary science: case studies from the estuary”