The CC&E Seminar Series is a high quality, diverse seminar series that serves to scientifically educate the CC&E community through inviting speakers from a variety of disciplines and career levels. The second goal of the CC&E Seminar Series is to promote interactions and collaborations between members of CC&E and between CC&E members and scientists from other institutions.

The CC&E Seminars are organized by a committee of two faculty members (one from DOCS and one from ENVS) and several CEGO members. All seminars are given on Friday mornings in the Dalton Woods Auditorium in the Energy, Coast & Environment Building, and they are open to the public.

We are looking forward to an interesting semester of seminars & hope all of you will join us in welcoming our speakers.

Seminars start at 11:30am in the CC&E Auditorium.

Seminar Chair: Chantel Michelson

For additional information on seminar series, please email : CEGO.Seminars@gmail.com

Past Seminars

2018 Spring CC&E Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
January 19 Anaya Gupta University of Iowa “What do oil spills, buried mines and coastal acoustic communications have in common? Harnessing geometry to understand and disambiguate environmental signals”
January 26 Chunyan Li DOCS, Louisiana State University “Laws of flows in shallow bays and their relevance to Louisiana”
February 2 Sophie Warny Dept. of Geology and Geophysic, Louisiana State University "Reconstructing past climate and environments from Antarctica to the Gulf Coast”
February 16 Andre Rovai DOCS, Louisiana State University “Global controls of carbon storage in mangroves”
February 23 Danielle Greenhow University of Southern Mississippi “Hearing in Stranded and Captive Odontocete Cetaceans”
March 2 Invited Guests DOCS Coral Reefs in Crisis
March 9 Mid-terms - No Seminar
March 16 Marcelo Cohen Geosciences, Federal University of Para, Brazil “Brazilian mangrove dynamics according to climate and sea level changes in a millennial and decadal scale: Inferences from photogrammetry, palynology and stable isotopes”
March 23 Marshall Bowles LUMCON "Quantifying microbial processes in marine sediments on multiple temporal and spatial scales”
March 30 No Seminar Spring Break “Spring Break”
April 6 Steve Emerson University of Washington "Experimental Observations in the Ocean’s Biological Pump”
April 13 Charles Schutte LUMCON “Long-term impacts of oiling on salt marsh nitrogen cycling processes”
April 20 Brain Czech Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy “Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution”