The CC&E Seminar Series is a high quality, diverse seminar series that serves to scientifically educate the CC&E community through inviting speakers from a variety of disciplines and career levels. The second goal of the CC&E Seminar Series is to promote interactions and collaborations between members of CC&E and between CC&E members and scientists from other institutions.

The CC&E Seminars are organized by a committee of two faculty members (one from DOCS and one from ENVS) and several CEGO members. All seminars are given on Friday mornings in the Dalton Woods Auditorium in the Energy, Coast & Environment Building, and they are open to the public.

We are looking forward to an interesting semester of seminars & hope all of you will join us in welcoming our speakers.

Seminars start at 11:30am in the CC&E Auditorium.

Seminar Chair: Chantel Michelson

For additional information on seminar series, please email : CEGO.Seminars@gmail.com

Past Seminars

2017 Fall CC&E Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
September 1 Mario Hernandez & Matt Robertson

Emily Verbrosky

Jinlinag Liu

College of Coast and Environment, LSU “Mzungus Out of the Water”

“Ecotoxicological Analysis of Pesticides on Various Aquatic Organisms:Impacts Sunlight and Salinity Impose”

“The Coriolis Force Not Discussed in OCS4170 and Its Effect on Upper Ocean Mixing"

September 8 Jimmie Nelson University of Louisiana Lafayette “Fish, Flows, and Feedbacks: Understanding Animal Mediated Material Flows at the Ecosystem Scale”
September 15 Paul Klerks University of Louisiana Lafayette "Evolution to the Rescue? Research on Adaptation to Stressors (Metals, Heat) in Aquatic Organisms”
September 22 Coastal Connections Louisiana Sea Grant “Coastal Connections Competition: Three Minute Presentation”
September 29 Mary Ann Ottinger University of Houston “TBA”
October 6 Jennifer Dupont ExxonMobil (Houston) “Environmental Risk Management on Mega-Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry”
October 13 Mid-terms - No Seminar
October 20 TBA TBA TBA
October 27 Christine Cass Humboldt State University "Zooplankton of the Northern California Current: Spatial and Temporal Variability in Energy Content"
November 3 Kevin Ringelman LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources “Duck Tales: An Overview of the Waterfowl Research Program at LSU”
November 10 Selina Heppell Oregon State University “Saving Sea Turtles with Math and Theory: How Endangered Species Management Intersects with Fisheries Science”
November 17 Mike Miner Bureau of Ocean Energy Management “TBA”
November 24 Thanksgiving Break — No Seminar
December 1 Wilam Subra Subra Company “Oil, Gas and Health Impacts on People”